SmartConverter Data Curation

SmartConverter Data Curation Tool

The SmartConverter tool is a set of Python and Java based custom scripts to perform data curation and update & format studies for loading into the AMP PD Knowledge Portal.  The tool provides the ability to define custom data transformations and consolidation. The SmartConverter tool allows for automation of the following data curation steps: SmartConverter Workflow

  • Perform simple data transformations, logical operations, and mathematical operations
  • Align data to ontologies
  • Decode the data to human-readable format
  • Align variable names to a harmonized dictionary
  • Allows curators to store mappings/transformations for future usage
  • Prepare mapping files for loading

The full dispatcher system includes:

  • A dataset workflow management system
  • Postgres database backend (user management, dataset status tracking and study-level metadata)
  • PHP programming language
  • Underlying independent scripts
  • Ability to upload data from local computers or from mapped network storage files


For questions on the SmartConverter contact:

Leonya Ivanov

Alena Fedarovich