Summary Data Dashboard

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The following dashboard of publicly-available, aggregate data provides a quick overview of available AMP PD data. This dashboard represents core data characteristics associated with: participant demographics, distributions for cohort and participant data, and collected data types (clinical, whole genome, and transcriptomics).

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Total Case vs Control Participants

Biological Sex Within Cohort

Most Common Participant Diagnoses

Participant Race Distribution

Participant Age Distribution

Whole Genome Sequencing in Blood

(+) = with mutation; (-) = without mutation

RNA Sequencing in Blood

Proteomics in Plasma and CSF

Dashboard Footnotes

Total Case vs. Control Participants Chart:
  1. Total PD Case Participants - quantity is derived from the Enrollment assessment and [study_arm] variable and includes the following values: PD; Genetic Registry PD; Prodromal; and SWEDD
  2. Total Control Participants - quantity is derived from the Enrollment assessment and [study_arm] variable and includes the following values: Genetic Registry Unaffected; Healthy Control; and Disease Control

Parkinson's or Related Disorder Chart:
  1. Other category consolidates diagnoses with 10 or less participants. The following diagnoses fall into this category:

    • Alzheimer's Disease
    • Corticobasal Degeneration
    • Hemiparkinson/Hemiatrophy Syndrome
    • Neuroleptic-Induced Parkinsonism
    • Parkinsonism
    • Possible Alzheimer's Disease
    • Psychogenic Illness
    • Unknown
    • Vascular Parkinsonism
  2. Prodromal motor PD - represents at least one motor symptom to meet eligibility for enrollment in PPMI as PD subject
  3. Prodromal non-motor PD - represents at least one non-motor symptom and no motor symptoms

Participant Race Distribution:
  1. White/Caucasian category consolidates race values for (1) White and (2) Caucasian (e.g., British Isles, Germany, Peninsular Spain, Latin America, France, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, etc.)
  2. Black/African-American category consolidates race values for (1) Black or African American and (2) American - Black (i.e., people of African descent whose area of origin is within the Americas: e.g., Canada, Caribbean, Brazil, US, etc.) 

Whole Genome Sequencing Data - Known mutations
  1. GBA: N370S (rs76763715); T369M (rs75548401); E326K (rs2230288)
  2. LRRK2: G2019S (rs34637584); R1441G_T (rs33939927); R1441G_G (rs33939927)
  3. SNCA: A53T (rs104893877); G51D (rs431905511); E46K (rs104893875); A30P (rs104893878)